About us and our family farm:

Family farm Krušvar registered 2011 in the Register of producers in organic food.We are in the vicinity of the town of Buzet on which hills and near the river, families for centuries was engaged in agriculture, and so is ours family inherited most of all love and respect for the earth, hard-working hands and the desire for quality and natural agricultural products.The family through many years and through several generations of carefully preserved and cherished old seeds of native varieties of corn, wheat, potatoes and garlic.

Every generation of our family, have brought some new experience in production, business and ideas and set new development paths, especially in the processing of grain. It started with a stone mill, because such grinding gets the best and most complete nutritional meal, and today has a new generation of such flour in offers finished products: pasta, pasta of the gluten-free cereal, and various special types of mill products.


Based on the experience of previous generations in agriculture and grinding mill in stone for the future we have to prepare a variety of ideas about new products of high quality ingredients, with an emphasis on pasta.
Our motto is:

"The most important is the quality of products and honest relationship with nature, work and co-workers."

With it, we want people just like to say that, although we live in the modern world, which is increasingly undermined trust between people in both private and business life, they can have confidence in our products, their quality and originality.