Our products

Our products are derived from old varieties of cereals, present in our area. Handled in a traditional manner, with no additives or sugar in order to maintain its customer and authentic flavor characteristics and to be able to offer customers not only healthy food, but also a real taste of traditional cuisine. All our products are designed for those who want to re-taste the pasta, corn meal, bread as it once was, and how the way our grandmothers. All grains and vegetables are grown organically, certified EU norms.


Fresh flakes of whole grain, organic farming, without additives (sugar, additives, ...). Suitable as a meal with yogurt, milk, cooked as a complement to soups, etc., or for the enrichment of bread. Packaging: 0.4 kg.


Freshly grinded on a stone mill from ecologically grown grain of spelt, khorasan and barley. Mostly used as a breakfast or dinner in the form of "Milky grits" good and complements many soups .... Cooking time: about 7 Minimum Order Quantity: 0.4 kg.

Corn meal:

From the traditional Istrian varieties of corn yellow or white, organic farming, freshly grinded on a stone mill. Cooking time: about 30 minutes.
Packaging: 0.4 kg.

Shelled cereals:

Hulled grains from organic farming (corn, barley). They are used in the preparation of minestrone soups, mixed salads as a meal, ...
Packaging: 0.4 kg.


Homemade pasta from integral flour wheat, spelled or khorasan.
Composition: 100% whole grain wheat / spelled / khorasan, freshly grinded in a stone mill, olive oil, water. Packaging: 250 g or 500 g


Special types of flour from following cereals: grain, spelt, khorasan, rye, barley, corn and buckwheat. All organic production milled in our mill. Packaging: 0.5, 1, 5, 25 kg or upon demand

Out of all of our products,we are specially proud of our ISTRIAN TRADITIONAL CORN (white or yellow) that we grind on a stone mill and get corn meal of a special taste, and also produce shelled corn for traditional Istrian minestrone soup.

In our area we produce different types of ancient grains: SPELT, KHORASAN,BARLEY and WHEAT .From them we produce integral flour and semolina, freshly grinded on stone mill.We also produce integral flakes, fresh, without the use of additional or different sugar additive.From spelled and khorasan we do also pasta, but only on specific order of the client.

Vegetable preserve native species of GARLIC and RED ONION.

All our products are ecologically grown in line with EU standards, and obtained from traditional varieties of grain present in the region and preserved by our family for generations.
Crops / plants / seeds are not imported from third countries, the European Union or outside the European Union